6 Tips for Moving in the Fall

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Moving is rarely ever fun no matter what time of year you are doing it. With fall upon us, here are ten tips that will put you a step ahead of the game when moving when the leaves are falling.

1.) Check the weather forecast – Fall is the time of year where we can have unusually warm days, crazy cold winds, downpours of rain or even snow accumulation. Keep your eye on the forecast and plan your moving day accordingly.

2.)Dress for the weather – Hopefully you’ll be able to get a great weather for your moving day but if not have hats, coats, rain ponchos or anything at the ready just in case. And remember to dress in layers!

3.) Make sure utilities are on – If possible, check that the utilities are working properly before bringing everything in. Your final walk through should give you this piece of mind.

4.) Clear walk ways – They call it ‘fall’ for a reason. Leaves, branches and other elements may the walkways leading to your home. For the safety of the movers and your family, take a second and clear walkways before beginning to move in.

5.) Separate fall essentials – As you are packing, separate and label anything you are going to need in the next few months.

6.) Shop moving services – Summer is the peak season for moving and therefore moving company prices and truck rentals are usually higher. Use your moving schedule to your advantage and save on moving costs.

The cooler weather of the autumn could work to your advantage. To find a place to call home call or text Liz Sandwick, your MN Licensed REALTOR 952-491-3685 or email: Liz@Cbburnet.com


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